Monday, 22 July 2013

Graduation Day

I think it's safe to say that there were points in the past three years when we didn't expect to make it to Graduation but here we are! The excitement was only hindered by the stress which came with the day. Stress which stemmed mainly from a fear of fumbling your moment on stage in front of everyone and the decision of what to wear, a decision made more complicated by the overbearing heat we've been having recently. Not that I want to complain, we've got to make the most of this (what will probably be all too brief!) summer! I eventually hit the sales in a last minute shopping frenzy the day before Graduation but, as always, Zara came up trumps and I found this absolute bargain of a gorgeous white dress. I can't seem to find it anywhere online but they had quite a few gems so head down to a store and browse through their rails. I may have accidentally bought a swing dress as well... Teemed with red sandals to jazz it up and a heel low enough not to trip me up on stage I was ready to face the day!

Shoes - New Look
The compulsory hat throw... (you don't need to see the many where my lack of coordination come into play!)

It was so lovely to see everyone after having finished studying and all disappeared off to their home towns and parent's houses! As you can see, we're clearly the cool kids off our course...


And of course, every summer's day out isn't complete without a trip to the Pimm's tent!

All posed out we were more than ready to hit the road and get some dinner down us. We did have reservations for this great Caribbean restaurant in town called Turtle Bay (highly recommended if only for their rum cocktails!). Check it out here! However, as always, we'd gotten carried away chatting to everyone so had missed it and rather than facing a city centre we headed for a country pub on the way home. Sat outside in the garden, heels kicked off, a chilled glass of wine, and far too much food was the perfect way to end the day.

We went for the meze board to share as a starter. Again, I only remembered to take a photo after it had been devoured and humous pot scraped clean! We were one hungry family okay!

The parents went for the good old fashioned fish and chips and the little bit I stole off their plate was very yummy, slathered in tartare sauce of course!

I went for the Sticky Chicken Salad which was okay but more importantly left plenty of room for desert!

Now, it looks like I was the only one piggy enough to get desert but they all stuck their forks in I promise! I went for the brownie although if we had a little more room, I'd have been tempted by their mini puds selection and then I might have been more inclined to share! 

Failing to pull this pose off smoothly!

With quotes dotted around the pub, it was quite fitting considering I'd just completed an English Lit. degree!

'I'm going for a quiet pint - followed by six noisy ones'

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