Thursday, 26 September 2013

Key Lime Pie

Hey y'aaaaall. 

My two friends have been the envy of everyone as we've drooled over photos of their coast to coast trip across America. I met up with Milly on their return to hear all about it. Feeling inspired, we decided to make a Key Lime Pie for desert and it really couldn't be easier.

You'll need:
250g Ginger biscuits
100g Butter
400g Condensed Milk
300ml Double Cream
5/6 Limes

That's it. Five ingredients and you are on your way to a heavenly desert. 

Firstly, you need to turn your biscuits into crumbs. A food processor is the most effective way to do this but a plastic bag and rolling pin are much more fun and therapeutic!

Although, do be aware of minor biscuit explosions if you get a little carried away!

Melt the butter...

...and mix in the biscuit crumbs.

Pack the biscuit base into your tin. Press it into the base and up the sides. Use a loose-based tin otherwise you will never get your pie out in one piece. Place into the fridge to chill for 10 minutes. 

Next, rope any stray siblings into grating duty! You've got a lot of limes to get through so start grating and juicing!

Whisk together the condensed milk and cream, then add the lime juice and zest. This creamy loveliness sure does pack a punch in the flavour department. The lime stops it from being too rich so you'll definitely feel up to licking the bowl completely clean!

Pour the filling into your biscuit base.

Smooth it out evenly and then put in the fridge to set. Times for this will vary depending on the depth of your pie, how hungry you are, etc!

Not having much patience and with it getting later and later, we only left ours in the fridge for an hour (although I'd say this is the minimum you should risk) but Voila!

The filling could have been set a little more but that didn't stop me going back for seconds!

A little bit of chocolate shavings for decoration...

I think this deserves a close up! 
Revel in the creamy, zesty, gingery, goodness!

In the mood, and following a rave recommendation from Milly, I planned to carry on the theme of American cuisine and take my sister out the next night to the new American BBQ Smokehouse in town. She is off to university and needs a full out indulge before she starts living off super noodles or something ghastly like that! A post of our night will be up soon.


  1. Oh my god!! this looks amazing!! i'm definitely doing this!! want to follow each other? love your blog.

    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

    1. Thanks! You definitely should, who'd have thought something this yummy could be so easy to make!! Your blog looks great, I'd love to follow each other xxx


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