Monday, 16 September 2013

Cake and Bake Show

On a cold and rainy Saturday, the old library gang from back in uni reunited for a girl's day out to the magical world of the Cake and Bake show. An annual event in Earl's Court, it is a utopia for all those baking addicts out there, both amateur and within the industry. 

Yes sir!

As fans of The Great British Bake Off, we became excited baking groupies when seeing both present contestants and last year's winner, John. Master of the almond tuile in this demonstration!

Sadly, this was the closest we got to Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul.

At wholesale prices, we stocked up on some cake decorations. I went with some beautiful pearl look-a-likes. 
Sadly I think it will take some time until my cakes look this elegant...

We were sorely tempted by these aprons. Swishing around in one makes baking even more fun! 

For those more savoury inclined, there was a gorgeous array of breads. I picked up an olive and pepper focaccia to take to Holly's as an offering for dinner. She has just moved to London and seeing as I was in the area called in for a catch up and night out.

A brownie mountain. A MOUNTAIN...

The amount of treats was colossal. Disappointingly though, there was no cake Colosseum. Just this mere Leaning Tower of Pisa. I mean really, they could have tried to make something jaw dropping...

Cake and classically influenced architecture, I was in heaven!

After resisting for quite a while we all got a big old slice of brownie.

I picked a chocolate and peanut butter one and ooo, it was yummy. The nutty edge stopped it being too rich so I had no problem in devouring it all.

Busted girls! We certainly made the most of the free tasters.
Including the couple of cheese stalls we stumbled across. The Cheshire Cheese Company's Chilli, Lime and Tequila cheddar is definitely something to try!

Even Her Majesty made an appearance...

The architectural element of the some of the cakes was just mind-blowing, I mean are these cakes or baubles!?

I'm sorry about the amount of photos but there were so many amazing cakes I had to include them all!

I have a tooth ache just from remembering all the goodies we saw and tasted! I highly recommend the show and Groupon did a two for one deal so no excuses, round up your fellow bakers and get yourself down there next year.


  1. Seeing those squirrels made me think of Frances again and get angry at how damn gorgeous her bakes are

  2. I'm pretty sure that I NEED to go to this next year!! This is amazing! Those cakes...mmmm!


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