Saturday, 31 August 2013

D.I.Y Dinner Service, Inamo

I had to pop up to London for a meeting yesterday and thought I'd stretch out the day and fly around London in my interview heels (well until my poor feet gave out and I got out the flip flops stored in my bag!). Killing time until my dinner date with Holly, I picked up some Oriental print trousers in the Zara sale, wandered along the river and around the Tate Britain. The Turners made me feel like I was already in Venice - only a month to go!

I met Holly for dinner after she finished work and we went to this innovative asian cuisine restaurant called Inamo in Soho. It has the gimmick of an interactive service system. This mainly means no interrupting your conversation with attempts to hail the waiter over which is a nice change. You can change the pattern on your table from one psychedelic image to another but can also play games which leads to very competitive games of battleships. A game I may or may not have lost...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Reunion

I can't believe an entire year has passed since I last saw my travelling buddy and life saver Helen. We spent last summer in Ecuador and had the most amazing time together, the highs, the lows, the monkeys, and the hospital visits! We've both been so busy the past year that it is no surprise the time has flown by but with Helen moving to Oxford with her job, she was so close we had no excuse not to organise a catch up. So on Sunday, I hopped on the train and battled through the tourists to meet her. I love Oxford and luckily I have some smartiepants friends who went to university there so have had plenty of chances to visit. With the weather just right for strolling around, I gave my new white jeans an outing. I have had such a nightmare finding jeans to fit but since I realised ASOS jeans were the perfect sizing for me I have bought them in almost every colour! The white jeans rolled up slightly at the ankle are the perfect summer look. Just don't get pomegranate juice down them at lunch...

Oxford Style

Marlow on Thames

Last week saw a last minute plan of a walk and a picnic. It is safe to say that the riverside walk from Marlow was far more successful than our hap-dash picnic of a cinnamon swirl and rice cakes, our cupboards clearly need restocking! Ella and I set off from Marlow in the general direction of Henley, not really sure where we'd end up but it was so pretty along the way it didn't really matter.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wimbledon Cake

For my Nana's recent birthday I thought I'd try out a new recipe for her birthday cake. So, although the excitement of Wimbledon has passed, I'll always have time for this cake. It is British summertime in spongey, creamy, berry form!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sunday Wanderings

My perfect Sunday will always involve a walk. The type of walk where you're not going anywhere in particular. It doesn't matter whether you are wrapped up and battling the elements or strolling around in the blazing sunshine, I love them. They're a great way to justify an overindulgence on your roast dinner as well! So needless to say, when we'd eventually dragged ourselves out of bed (or off my makeshift bed on the floor!), Lucy and I headed out to see what we could find amongst the Warwickshire countryside.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rhubarb's Chorizo

This weekend was spent heading up to Leamington Spa for some time with the long-lost (well a couple of months-lost!) Lucy. She is currently up there interning at the art gallery, Compton Verney and you can check out the latest from the inspiring art curator herself at her blog,

Saturday evening saw us heading into Leamington. A little early for dinner, we decided to go for a drink and you can't walk past Rhubarb without being drawn in by the eclectic sights through the window. With a bohemian atmosphere, it seems to be a mix of French provincial with a romantic, deep red glow like something naughty happens after hours.

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