Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Reunion

I can't believe an entire year has passed since I last saw my travelling buddy and life saver Helen. We spent last summer in Ecuador and had the most amazing time together, the highs, the lows, the monkeys, and the hospital visits! We've both been so busy the past year that it is no surprise the time has flown by but with Helen moving to Oxford with her job, she was so close we had no excuse not to organise a catch up. So on Sunday, I hopped on the train and battled through the tourists to meet her. I love Oxford and luckily I have some smartiepants friends who went to university there so have had plenty of chances to visit. With the weather just right for strolling around, I gave my new white jeans an outing. I have had such a nightmare finding jeans to fit but since I realised ASOS jeans were the perfect sizing for me I have bought them in almost every colour! The white jeans rolled up slightly at the ankle are the perfect summer look. Just don't get pomegranate juice down them at lunch...

Oxford Style

We took a very meandering route around Oxford on our way to lunch, taking in the sights.

These flowerbeds were full of butterflies!

We went to this great pub right on the riverside, The Head of the River. Gorgeous views and right by a place where you can rent boats and punts so you can watch some amusing river antics as paddles are flailed about! 

Helen went for the vegetarian grill...

And was evidently very pleased, the goon!

I had the Chorizo (yes, more chorizo!) and pomegranate salad with a side of onion rings. They were gorgeously battered and huge, completely counteracting any healthy element to my salad!

Walking back to the station we stopped off for ice cream. G&D Oxford's own ice cream to be specific! Well, who is to refuse ice cream when the sun is shining so brightly!?

I had the Green tea ice cream and lemon sorbet but they were very generous scoops. Even we couldn't finish off the tubs. Very yummy though and G&D's cafe is pretty popular but with the weather like this, why sit in. If there are no tables find a grassy spot outside and soak up the sunshine, just don't let your ice cream melt away! 

See you in another year Helen!

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