Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rhubarb's Chorizo

This weekend was spent heading up to Leamington Spa for some time with the long-lost (well a couple of months-lost!) Lucy. She is currently up there interning at the art gallery, Compton Verney and you can check out the latest from the inspiring art curator herself at her blog,

Saturday evening saw us heading into Leamington. A little early for dinner, we decided to go for a drink and you can't walk past Rhubarb without being drawn in by the eclectic sights through the window. With a bohemian atmosphere, it seems to be a mix of French provincial with a romantic, deep red glow like something naughty happens after hours.

Candles everywhere!

With soulful music in the background we settled down. Lucy chose the Elderflower Presse and I got the Ginger Beer. Particularly tangy, it had a nice, refreshing burn to wash away our slight overindulgence on cider the night before!


Sat by the window we were suddenly very thankful of the cosy interior when the heavens opened! The table next to us had ordered food and we were finding it very hard to resist the gorgeous smells wafting over. When we heard from the people we were meeting for dinner that they were delayed, we couldn't wait any longer and caved. Justifying our order with the reasoning that it could be a starter, we went for the tapas menu choosing the Warm Chorizo and Prawn and Vegetable Tempura with Sweet Chilli Dip. Oh wow, the chorizo was the best I have ever had and it is my personal mission to recreate this dish. All that they'd give away behind the sticky, sweet, amazingness was honey so some culinary experimentation is to come.

Despite some serious temptation towards dessert by the waiter, we finally had to admit this wasn't our only meal of the night and headed off. Sob!

Unorganised as ever, the camera battery died before we went for dinner so just a quick review of the The Glass House. The lengthy description of themselves on their website gives an idea of the identity crisis they seem to be having. 
'...modern urban gastro pub in the heart of Leamington Spa. Designed with a British countryside, European farm house and New England influence.'
The restaurant looked promising as we went in, nice and airy, yet became inundated with rowdy groups of people drinking, sprawled all over the place and around our table. Still, continuing with our theme of food, we went for their tapas and it was laughable in comparison. Their spanish style sausages were slightly warm cocktail sausages with some burnt tomato on top and the rest of the dishes weren't much improvement. Our experience of the service was slow and generally, rather rude. So we left Leamington that evening with Rhubarb, or even their chorizo on its own, blowing all The Glass House had to offer out of the water.

Oh well, a sprint through the rain back to the car left us soaking but giggling away with any bad thoughts disappearing and plans of our next meal taking their place. 

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