Friday, 19 July 2013

Antipasto, Witches, and Churches

I was recently invited along to a performance of the play The Crucible by the gorgeous Holly who was going to support a friend in one of the leading roles, John Proctor. Arthur Miller's play addresses the Salem witch trials and is an intense experience to say the least.

Now, food seems to be one of the main reasons we are friends so we inevitably ended up going for dinner to have a good old catch up before. Fancying something light and simple (mainly due to the heat!) we ended up splitting an array of starter dishes and antipasti in the garden of an ASK restaurant. We went for the vegetarian board, panzerottini (dough balls), and calamari. The antipasti board was made up of mozzarella, grilled peppers, aubergines and courgettes, tomato and rocket salad, crostini with tomatoes, goat’s cheese and ricotta salata... YUM.

Blouse - Miss Selfridge

Holly sat cross armed waiting to be allowed to continue eating!

I don't seem to have the knack of food blogging yet as I cannot wait to start digging in and so only end up with photos of half empty plates! We washed this food down with their newest introduction to the drinks menu, Sicilian still lemonade. Such a tangy and refreshing relief from the sticky weather we're having at the minute, a definite recommendation!

We then headed on to the play. It was put on by the local Jackie Palmer Stage School in a deconsecrated church which provided a dramatic backdrop to the fanatical themes of the play. The photos seem to have come out in a yellow tone which I suppose can only add to the eerie theme of witchcraft and treachery! Overall, a nice am-dram performance although we were a little relieved to get out in the fresh air afterwards and despite the fact that it was already dark, we drove home with the roof down to cool ourselves off!

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