Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Casin dei Nobili

When one thinks of Italy, the food is surely one of the first things to come to mind. Gorgeous pizzas, pasta, gelato, caprese salads, the list goes on.

When on holiday in a new city, however, knowing where to go out for dinner can be a little overwhelming so here is one of my restaurant recommendations for Venice.

After a long day walking around the Biennale, we were all in the mood for a good meal. Two of the girls I was travelling with had lived and studied Art History for a semester in Venice last year so could play host and take us to little gems of restaurants like Casin dei Nobili. Only downside is the poor quality of my photographs so I can't convey to you just how good our meal was so you're just going to have to go for yourselves!

With artwork covering all the walls, this is a charming little place and the food matches up. You will want to book a table, however, or get there for their opening time of 7pm as they are always busy - a good recommendation in itself!

Mulling over a glass (or two) of prosecco and taking far too long to decide what to pick, I eventually went for the gnocchi with pumpkin brunoise on cream of shrimp and Porcini mushrooms. YUM.

Everyone well and truly engulfed their food but it's okay as we were walking all day long... 

Although we were still using that excuse after eating pizza all day every day in some of the places we visited but shh!

I'd go back to Casin dei Nobili, however, purely for the dessert. Dark chocolate souffl├ęs with vanilla cream and pistachios all round please!

Just look at this oozy chocolatey goodness!

Four full and very happy girls!

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